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Jen is returning to The Jazz Cruise 2022. Make your reservations now! People are going to be HUNGRY for travel!



Our album turns one TODAY! I cannot believe the reception it’s had. In the last year, we hit #18 on the Billboard Jazz Charts, we were voted one of the top 50 albums of the year by Jazz Times, a couple of us made the 2019 Downbeat Magazine Reader’s Poll and I tied with Wycliffe Gordon (WTF?) for the third favorite trombonist in the 2019 JazzTimes Expanded Critics Poll. My FACE was on a middle eastern magazine. My name was even on a magazine cover! It’s hard for me to accept all this stuff and I do not for one second think I did any of this by myself. 

My band – Nate, Alan, Mike, Evan, Don and my dear John – has carried me on their musical shoulders. Grateful does not begin to describe how I feel towards them. My only hope is that I can repay them by making more awesome music. I hope you’ll join us on our musical adventures!  Speaking of musical adventures…

That’s right! My incredible group of four intrepid trombone players is teaming up with a handpicked Bay Area rhythm section for a couple gigs. We will be in San Jose on 4/23 at Art Boutiki and in Berkeley on 4/24 at the California Jazz Conservatory. I know it’s been too long so MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!

Bonegasm – Thurs 7/27



  •  a climax of musical excitement, characterized by feelings of pleasure centered in the ears and experienced as an accompaniment to hearing a group of trombone players.

This is a project that I have wanted to put together for years. When I heard Alan Ferber‘s tune called North Rampart, it was so gorgeous I couldn’t NOT play it. And I happen to be married to a damned fine writer and arranger who helped me get the ball rolling. I’m also surrounded by awesome musicians in New York City and a few of them agreed to write some more tunes.  

I do hope you will be able to experience your first Bonegasm with us on Thursday, July 27 from 6-8pm at Silvana. It is our mission to bring peace, love, and trombone to the unsuspecting masses. Music by Robin Eubanks, John Fedchock, Alan Ferber, Sara Jacovino, Nate Mayland, Edward Perez and more!

Trombones: John Fedchock, Alan Ferber, Nate Mayland and Jennifer Wharton 
Piano: Mike Eckroth 
Bass: Evan Gregor 
Drums: Don Peretz