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I’ve gotten into composition! If anyone wants to check out anything I’ve done, all of my compositions will live at this playlist. Thanks! 


The new album Not A Novelty is available now!!!! From my online shop – more expensive but I get more of the $ Bandcamp  – best deal for YOU Amazon If you stream my entire

Streaming Bonegasm!

On February 23, 2021, Bonegasm was part of the Queens Streaming Winter JazzFest by Queens Jazz Overground.  Watch the stream here. We start at 53:30 in the video.

I am trying to stay positive but…

Prepare yourself for negative Jen. Here is a giant fluffy bunny to counteract any negativity. I am struggling after hearing the news that The Jazz Standard, one of the best jazz clubs in NYC, is

Holiday Shopping 2020 Edition

Welcome to Jen’s 2020 Holiday Shopping Guide The first section is for those looking to buy gifts, the second is for those looking to donate to worthy causes.   REJANO PRACTICE MUTES The

Jazz Cruise 2022

JAZZ CRUISE NEWS! Jen is returning to The Jazz Cruise 2022. Make your reservations now! People are going to be HUNGRY for travel!


I set up a merchandise store where you can buy Bonegasm apparel and fun! Go forth and spend your shekels.  VISIT MY SHOP at Shopify


BONEGASM TURNS 1 TODAY!! Our album turns one TODAY! I cannot believe the reception it’s had. In the last year, we hit #18 on the Billboard Jazz Charts, we were voted one of the top 50 albums


BONEGASM, THE ALBUM Out February 1, 2019 on Sunnyside Records Bonegasm features music by up and coming artists like Sara Jacovino, Nate Mayland and Edward Perez as well as Grammy veterans like

Holiday Shopping with Jen

HOLIDAY SHOPPING WITH JEN! Happy Holidays to everyone. If you have a brass player in your life, here are some last minute gifts to consider to complete your holiday shopping. But always remember,

Nicole Abissi – This is Only the Beginning

Nicole Abissi  The world-class trombonist talks about her experience navigating motherhood while freelancing in New York City. Nicole Abissi has some serious trombone “street cred”.

Issue of Donating Your Time

THIS IS A FRIENDLY PSA… Musicians get asked to perform at benefits for free a lot. Many times, we are promised a very official sounding piece of paper that says we donated our time and told we

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