Holiday Shopping with Jen


Happy Holidays to everyone. If you have a brass player in your life, here are some last minute gifts to consider to complete your holiday shopping. But always remember, the best gift is the gift of your attention. Spend time with the people you love this holiday season, gifts or not!


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Robinson’s Remedies

This stuff is made with unicorn tears and rainbows. Just kidding. But it does have arnica in it which is basically magic sauce for weary brass player chops. You can put it on and immediately play. I personally use Robinson’s Lip Renew every single day when I have a lot of playing to do.

CLICK HERE to buy Robinson’s Remedies.

This Holiday Season spend $30 or more you can use the code XMAS2018 and get 20% off!

Disclaimer: I am an endorser of Robinson’s but prior to that I was just a HUGE FAN.


These are cute and fun.  I recently purchased these for an opening night gift. They also have holiday themed Santa beards and Rudolph noses. CHECK OUT Brasstache here!

Mute Holders 
Hercules Stand

The first one I came across is the Mute Caddy which is designed clip onto a music stand and hold trumpet mutes.  If you are looking for something to accommodate trombone mutes, try this Hercules stand. I’ve seen photos of tenor trombone mutes in the stand and they look secure. I like to attach mine to my chair.

Music Stand Trays

If someone you know is making their home in an orchestra pit for more than a week or two, you might want to consider getting a tray that attaches to their music stand. CHECK OUT this one made by Rhythm Tech.

My buddy, Alden Banta, is a beast of a reed player in NYC. He also makes Banta Boxes. These customizable boxes can hold your treasures close to you while you are in the pit. He only does them when he isn’t making bassoon reeds but it is worth a shot if you’d like a personalized box. Mine says BALLS. Contact Alden Banta HERE

That’s it from me! Happy honking!

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