•  a climax of musical excitement, characterized by feelings of pleasure centered in the ears and experienced as an accompaniment to hearing a group of trombone players.

It is our mission to bring peace, love, and trombone to the unsuspecting masses.

Bonegasm is the brainchild of Jennifer Wharton featuring music by up and coming artists like Sara Jacovino and Edward Perez as well as Grammy veterans like John Fedchock, Alan Ferber and Jim McNeely. 

Trombones: John Fedchock, Alan Ferber, Nate Mayland and Jennifer Wharton
Piano: Mike Eckroth 
Bass: Evan Gregor
Drums: Don Peretz

Mark your calendars. Gird your loins. BONEGASM, THE ALBUM out February 1, 2019 on Sunnyside Records

Listen to Stellar now from our debut recording. LISTEN HERE

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