JazzIz – Spring 2019
“Wharton’s effervescent album captivates as it ranges between the intimate and the orchestral with plenty of whimsy.” Hrayr Attarian

Downbeat – May 2019
3 1/2 stars – “Her gorgeous turns as a low-frequency melodist…are breathtaking, and her pitch-perfect pedal blasts anchor exciting ensemble work throughout the album.” Alex W. Rodriguez

All About Jazz – March 2019
4 1/2 stars – “From afar, this album may seem like nothing more than a novelty project, but the music successfully argues against that thinking. Jennifer Wharton’s Bonegasm blows the doors wide open for the bass trombone. The horn itself may play from the bottom, but it can certainly operate at the top of the heap.” Dan Bilawsky 

Bird is the Worm – February 2019
Album of the day 2/27/19 – “in the same way that sunlight can express a heady presence, all that lightness to the trombonist’s debut possesses a certain gravity, like a serious expression of idle fun.” 

New York Jazz Record – March 2019
“…uniformly stellar.” Jim Motavalli

All About Jazz (Italy) – April 2019
“Piacerà molto agli amanti del trombone Bonegasm ma l’album non è per specialisti: è invece un lavoro brioso e variopinto, che coinvolge per vivacità ritmica, incisività degli assoli e freschezza degli arrangiamenti.” Angelo Leonardi



JazzTimes – March 19, 2019
Jennifer Wharton: All About That Bass Trombone
The trombonist celebrates the underrated beauty of the instrument on her debut album


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#18 on Billboard Jazz Chart