On July 27, 2017 BONEGASM shared our music with the world and the world rejoiced. Catch a clip of us at work:



  •  a climax of musical excitement, characterized by feelings of pleasure centered in the ears and experienced as an accompaniment to hearing a group of trombone players.

It is our mission to bring peace, love, and trombone to the unsuspecting masses.

Please experience your first Bonegasm this summer:


July 27th 6-8pm
Silvana – 300 W 116th St, NYC (view map)

Trombones: John Fedchock, Alan Ferber, Nate Mayland and Jennifer Wharton
Piano: Mike Eckroth 
Bass: Evan Gregor
Drums: Don Peretz

Performing originals and arrangements by Robin Eubanks, John Fedchock, Alan Ferber, Sara Jacovino, Edward Perez and more.